2008 Munster Council Club Development Grants

The Munster Council at its Development Committee meeting in December allocated its total budget for 2008 of €2.41 million for physical development in Club and Major County Grounds.

The following grant aid was approved for club development work
Clare: €300,915 – 47 applications
Kerry: €387,649 – 48 applications
Cork: €574,944 – 46 applications
Limerick: €229,063 – 33 applications
Waterford: €218,459 – 28 applications
Tipperary: €214,398 – 37 applications

In addition €484,570 was allocated to ongoing Major County Ground developments.

40% of all Gate Receipts earned by Comhairle na Mumhan in 2008 has been paid in Development Grants. The Council allocates grants up to an approved maximum in various categories including field purchase, dressing rooms, floodlighting, pitch drainage, stands, embankments, dug-outs, First Aid accommodation, Medical Room, car park facilities, scoreboard, netting, boundary and playing pitch fencing, purchase of mowers, hurling walls and pitch sanding. School grounds also benefit.

Comhairle na Mumhan acknowledges this wonderful work that is being undertaken by clubs with the approval of 40% of Gate Receipts for Club Development while a further 15% of the gross gate receipts is returned in ground rents to the grounds that hosted games this year. This means that overall Comhairle na Mumhan gives back 55% of its total gate revenue for development work.

In the last 5 years (2004-2008) Comhairle na Mumhan has committed almost €9 million to Development Grants in the Province. Central Council has committed €2.6 million to clubs in the Province, in addition to this, in the same period.