Munster GAA Development Grants 2009

Forbes hopes for continued development

Thursday December 31 2009

From the Evening Herald newspaper

Munster Council PRO Jim Forbes says he is hopeful that the current levels of development funding can be maintained. Figures showed that 22.6 million euros was spent on GAA physical development by clubs and counties across the province over the past 12 months, with 2.37m euros of that figure stemming from grants distributed by the Munster Council. GAA development in Kerry received the biggest boost, with 897,962 euros distributed in grants to the Kingdom over the past year, although over two-thirds of that sum was solely for the redevelopment of Fitzgerald Stadium. Cork received 455,103 euros, Tipperary got 431,509 euros, Limerick received 235,359 euros, Waterford 193,294 euros and Clare 158,578 euros.

“These figures illustrate Munster GAA’s commitment to reinvesting the revenue generated from the Munster Championships back into the clubs and counties of the province,” said Forbes. “We’ve had 1.6m euros set aside for the last three years, so despite the economic situation there was always going to be that money available to helps clubs and counties across the province in 2009. Going forward into the future now we do hope that we’ll still be able to continue providing the money to fund clubs in their development projects.”

Munster GAA Croke Park Total
Money Available €        1,600,000 €        771,805 €  2,371,805
Munster GAA Croke Park Total
Schools (8) €             34,570 €       34,570
Purchase (8) €             80,000 €          40,000 €     120,000
Dressing Rooms (29) €           273,301 €        165,248 €     438,549
Handball (4) €               9,657 €         9,657
Major Grounds (3) €           900,000 €     900,000
Sanding (25) €             49,230 €       49,230
Other Club Development (173) €           253,242 €        566,557 €     819,79


County Totals

Clare € 158,578

Cork € 455,103

Kerry € 897,962

Limerick € 235,359

Tipperary € 431,509

Waterford € 193,294

• €22,604,020 is the total expenditure by Munster clubs and counties in Physical Development Projects in 2009.

• Over the past 3 years Munster GAA contributed €5,600,000 to Clubs and Counties across the Province. This money has in the main been generated from Gate Receipts and illustrates Munster GAA’s commitment to reinvesting the revenue generated from the Munster Championships back into the Clubs and Counties of the Province.

• Croke Park has contributed €2,381,805 to Club Physical Grants over the same period

AIB Munster GAA Club Junior Football Championship Final – Castlegregory (Kerry) v Mountcollins (Limerick)

Castlegregory (Kerry) defeated Mountcollins (Limerick) by 1-20 to 0-4 in the AIB Munster GAA Club Junior Football Championship Final on Sunday  in Mallow.

Match Report

Hennessy leads Castle’ stroll

From the Irish Independent newspaper

Castlegregory 1-20 Mountcollins 0-4

Munster Club JFC Final

Monday December 14 2009

KERRY champions Castlegregory had things almost all their own way as they had 19 points to spare over Limerick’s Mountcollins at Mallow yesterday.When the sides shared the game’s first two points in the opening three minutes, a close tie looked to be in prospect, but from there until the 47th minute Castlegregory out-scored their opponents by 1-17 to no score, with Shane Hennessy, who finished up with 1-5 to his name, raising the green flag.

Scorers —
Castlegregory: S Hennessy 1-5, C O’Mahony 0-4, A Fitzgerald, B Lynch (0-1f) 0-3 each, G O’Connor, R Kelliher, JB Spillane, A Lynch, L Maunsell 0-1 each
Mountcollins: M Curtin 0-2f, B McCarthy (f), P Naughton 0-1 each

CASTLEGREGORY — S Kenny; G O’Connor, J Scully, J O’Connor; S O’Mahony, S Browne, A Finn; S Hennessy, R Kelliher; JB Spillane, A Fitzgerald, B Lynch; C O’Mahony, A Lynch, A McNamara. Subs: C Sills for J O’Connor, J Fitzgerald for Lynch (both 37), D Heasman for Kelliher, L Maunsell for O’Mahony (both 42), S O’Connor for A Fitzgerald (47).

MOUNTCOLLINS — Tom Begley; S Lyons, J O’Connell, E O’Connor; Tommy Begley, C Begley, M Quirke; T McCarthy, S Gleeson; T Walsh, S Gleeson, Bernard McCarthy; M Curtin, D Gleeson, Brian McCarthy. Subs: M Dillane for Lyons, B Linehan for E O’Connor (both h-t), D Dillane for Walsh (40), P Naughton for D Gleeson (43), S O’Connor for Bernard McCarthy (49).

Ref — C Lane (Cork)

AIB Munster GAA Club Junior Hurling Championship Final – Fermoy (Cork) v Blackrock (Limerick)

Blackrock (Limerick) defeated Fermoy (Cork) by 1-12 to 0-14 in the AIB Munster GAA Junior Hurling Championship Final on Sunday in Mallow.

Match Report

Moloney nicks it for Blackrock

From the Irish Independent newspaper

Blackrock 1-12 Fermoy 0-14

Munster Club JHC Final

Monday December 14 2009

DAVE MOLONEY scored a point from 90 yards in injury-time to give Blackrock of Limerick victory in a thrilling game in Mallow. It was a deserved win for the team from Kilfinane and Ardpatrick, with Ritchie Murphy, in particular, outstanding for them. Blackrock trailed by two points at the interval, 0–11 to 1–6, but two points by Ritchie McCarthy levelled the sides soon after the restart. As the game moved into injury-time, a replay looked to be on the cards before Moloney’s late intervention.

Scorers —

Blackrock: R McCarthy 0-6 (0-4f), A Murphy 1-2, R Murphy (0-1 ’65), R O’Shaughnessy, B O’Shaughnessy, D Moloney 0-1 each.
Fermoy: B O’Sullivan 0-9 (0-8f), S Killeen 0-2, P Boyce, A O’Connor, M Flynn 0-1 each.

BLACKROCK — P Heffernan; N Hosford, TG Ryan, T Clifford; R Murphy, D Moloney, N Moloney; B Moloney, P McGrath; K Palmer, R McCarthy, S Hennessy; R O’Shaughnessy, B Hennessy, A Murphy.

Subs: B O’Shaughnessy for Palmer (38), D Danaher for Hennessy (48), K Douglas for McGrath (54).

FERMOY — J Condon; L Coleman, L Mannix, A Baragry; R O’Callaghan, D Carroll, J Hutchings; P Mahon, J O’Sullivan; P Boyce, T Clancy, B O’Sullivan; A O’Connor, S Killeen, M Flynn.

Subs: E Clancy for Mahon, P Shanahan for O’Connor (both ht), T Grumbridge for T Clancy (50), I Brennan for Boyce (52), F Ryan for Flynn (inj, 59).

Ref — S McMahon (Clare)

All-Ireland Junior Club Camogie Final Replay – Lavey, Derry v St. Anne’s, Waterford

Lavey, Derry defeated St. Anne’s, Waterford by 1-13 to 0-7 in the All-Ireland Junior Club Camogie Championship Final Replay on Sunday in Donaghmore Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

Match Report

Lavey (Derry)….1-13 St Anne’s (Waterford)…0-7

Lavey took home the Phil McBride Cup for the first time following a thrilling All-Ireland Junior Camogie Club Championship final replay in Ashbourne yesterday. Having already played eighty minutes last Sunday, both teams once again showed their fitness to produce an action-packed contest. In excellent conditions and in front of a large crowd, camogie was the ultimate winner. The Ulster champs made a blistering start. Corner-forward, Paula McCloy, sent over two early points. Player-of-the-Match, Attracta McPeake, excelled for the Derry side at midfield. She never stopped working for the hour.

Lavey led at the break, 0-6 to 0-4, but it took St Anne’s just 45 seconds to register the first score of the second half. It came from a free by the very impressive Karen Kelly, who gave the Lavey defence plenty of concern. Yet the golden goal came from a Derry stick, seven minutes into the restart, as Helen O’Neill darted through and drilled in a beauty. That gave Lavey a 1-7 to 0-5 advantage. Lavey then grew in confidence, and they enhanced their work with six valuable points. Anne’s kept battling, yet openings were rare against an extremely formidable rearguard.

Defeat was no fault of Charlotte-Marie Raher (Raher), who toiled with conviction and craft in the engine room. The Saints had other aces in Carolyn Ahearn, who made a tremendous save midway through the second half. Yet, overall, Lavey’s craft and punch in attack, plus that solid defence, proved the match winning ticket. Especially outstanding were centre half-back, Ceara Cushnahan, captain and left half-back, Siobhan Convery, and the free-taking and general contribution from the gifted McPeake.

Lavey (Derry) 1-13 (A McPeake 0-6 (5f, 1 65), H O’Neill 1-0, P McCloy 0-3, M O’Kane, D McShane 0-2 each);
St Anne’s (Waterford) 0-7 (K Kelly 0-5 (all frees), M Murphy, J Simpson 0-1 each).

From Maire Ui Scolai

Match Preview

St Anne’s and Lavey return to Ashbourne on Sunday after the teams couldn’t be separated last weekend following extra time. In a game that was dictated by the elements, it took a Karen Kelly point to tie matters on 60 minutes for the Munster champions.

However, Lavey showed tremendous character to draw level in added time. There is nothing to suggest who will emerge victorious. Both teams have huge experience, and with neither side having won the Phil McBride Cup before, they will not be willing to give in too easy.

Lavey, once again, will be led by star attacker Mary O’Kane who played a major role in the drawn match. As did Kelly for the Deise. She and her fellow inter-county players will not want to lose another All Ireland title. This could well go down to the wire again.

AIB GAA Hurling All Ireland Intermediate Club Championship – South Liberties (Limerick) v St. Gabriel’s (London)

South Liberties (Limerick) defeated St. Gabriel’s (London) by 3-15 to 0-6 in the AIB GAA Hurling All Ireland Intermediate Club Championship Quarter-Final on Sunday in Ruislip.

Summary of Proposals of Hurling and Football Rules Committees

Summary of Proposals of Hurling and Football Rules Committees

Proposals approved by Ard Chomhairle on 5ú Nollaig 2009

for Experimentation in the 2010 National League


As 2010 is a year when Playing Rule amendment may be tabled at Congress two Committees were set up by An tUachtarán, Criostóir Ó Cuana to review the Playing Rules of Gaelic Football and Hurling.

The membership of the committees was as follows:

Football: Seamus Woods (Chairman), Michael Curley, Michael McGrath, Oisin McConville, John Kiely, Pat Daly, Liam Sammon, Anthony Rainbow, Patrick Doherty (Secretary).

Hurling: Simon Moroney (Chairman), Ned Quinn, Noel O’Donoghue, Pat O’Connor, Fergal Hartley, Jamesie O’Connor, Ollie Canning, Pat Daly, Fr, Seamus Gardiner, Patrick Doherty (Secretary).

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of the Committees were confined to the Playing Rules; the Disciplinary Rules and Process were, therefore, beyond the brief of the Committees.

The Proposals of the Committees:


1. Fist Pass:

Proposal: Eliminate the “open handed” pass and return to fist pass only.

Rationale: It is accepted that the hand pass is being widely abused and is, consequently, impossible to implement on a consistent basis.

2. Catch from Kick-out:

Proposal: A free- kick to be awarded to a player making a catch between the 45 m lines directly from a kick-out. The free-kick is to be taken by the player who makes the catch unless he is injured prior to the free-kick being taken.

Rationale: It was felt that “high-fielding”, once one of the most highly acclaimed skills in the game, needs to be acknowledged and rewarded.

3. Bounce:

Proposal: The bounce in Football to be re-defined as: “For a player to play the ball against the ground with his hand(s) and to catch it on return to his hand(s)”.

Rationale: It is considered by the committee that the current definition viz “For a player to play the ball against the ground with his hand(s) and back to his hand(s) again” has led to considerable ambiguity and inconsistencies in referee interpretation.

4. Penalty Kick

Proposal: The penalty should be taken from a spot which is located 11m. from the centre of the goal line.

Rationale: It was accepted that a disparity has developed between penalties in hurling and football; statistical evidence suggests that the relatively modest return from penalties in football leads to the conclusion that it pays to foul. It is considered that a penalty kick from the centre of the 13m line does not carry a sufficient level of deterrent, and is not the advantage to the attacking team that such should be.

5. Kick-out

Proposal: All kick-out to be taken from the 13m line, within the small rectangle.

Rationale: It was noted that there is considerable time delay at kick-outs and that “short” kick-outs following wides can be unsightly, and occasionally controversial. It was further considered that this may encourage “high fielding”, mentioned earlier in the proposal with regard to the introduction of the free-kick for the catch from a kick-out.


1. Hand-pass

Proposal: That the hand-pass in hurling be defined as: “The ball must be released and struck with a definite striking action of the hand”.

Rationale: With the speed of the game it is becoming increasingly difficult for referees to judge whether a player has thrown the ball or not. This definition will bring clarity to the judgment decision.

2. Rules 4.16 (a) & (b) – Technical Fouls

Proposal: To replace the words “before the puck is taken” with “before the ball is struck” in Rule 4.16.

Rationale: Rule 4.11 and Rule 4.16 relate to the penalty puck and this proposal will simply ensure that the wording is consistent between both Rules.

3. Puck-out

Proposal: That the penalty under Rule 4.15 relating to taking the puck-out from outside the small rectangle be amended to:

(i) Cancel puck-out.

(ii) Throw in the ball on the defenders’ 20m line opposite the scoring space”.

Rationale: It is considered that the penalty for “fouling” a puck-out, i.e the award of a 65m free to the opposition is too severe.

Proposals affecting Both Games

The following proposals were put forward which affect both Football and Hurling.

1. Advantage

Proposal: The referee shall indicate that advantage is being played by means of a “raised and extended arm”.

Rationale: Both committees considered the “Advantage Rule” as currently defined. A “re-call” mechanism was discussed but it was agreed that it would be impossible to implement. It was decided, therefore, that the proposal would be that a clearly-defined signal be used indicating that the referee had seen a foul, and was playing an advantage.

2. Throw-ins

Proposal: Throw-ins should not take place closer than 13m from the side-line.

Rationale: It is considered that very often throw-in situations can become very unsightly, particularly when the side-line is pinning the players in a particular area.

3. Charge (Fair)

Proposal: Include the words “Shoulder to shoulder” rather than “side to side” in the definition of the Fair Charge.

Rationale: It is the contention of the committees that the words “side to side” are causing inconsistencies in the application of the rule and in some cases, legitimising what would appear to be foul play.

Proposal (from Football Committee): That a player who is in the act of kicking the ball could not be charged, in a manner otherwise considered to be fair.

Rationale: The opinion of the Committee is that a player in the act of kicking the ball is actually at his most vulnerable as he will only have one foot on the ground and therefore, a charge (even though otherwise fair) may be dangerous and should not be legitimate.

4. Boundary Line

Proposal: Amend the penalty for deliberately going outside the boundary lines to gain an advantage to “Free-puck/kick from where the foul occurred”.

Rationale: It is considered that the current penalty of “Caution offender; order off for second cautionable offence” is too severe.

5. Time

Proposal: That the half-time and full-time whistle not be blown until the ball has gone over any boundary line.

Rationale: On occasion controversy has arisen in the past when a referee has, correctly, blown the whistle for half or full time when a team is attacking and with a scoring opportunity.

6. Rule 4 – Technical Fouls

Proposal: Amend Rule 4.9 relating to the “small rectangle” to allow a player enter the rectangle once the ball has been played. The rule would not be amended with regard to Set Play situations.

Rationale: It is virtually impossible for referees and umpires to adjudicate correctly on this rule on all occasions.


All proposals were adopted by Ard Chomhairle for experimentation during the 2010 National League with a view to deciding as to whether they should be proposed to Congress as permanent changes.

Munster Club SFC Final – Kilmurry-Ibrickane v Kerins O’Rahilly

Kilmurry-Ibrickane (Clare) defeated Kerins O’Rahilly (Kerry) by 0-7 to 0-6 in the AIB Munster GAA Football Senior Club Championship Final on Sunday in the Gaelic Grounds Limerick.

Match Report

Kilmurry-Ibrickane win dramatic Munster final

From the web site

Kilmurry-Ibrickane won their second Munster title in the most dramatic circumstances imaginable at the Gaelic Grounds on Sunday afternoon.

AIB Munster GAA Football Senior Final: Kerins O’Rahillys (Kerry) 0-6 Kilmurry-Ibrickane (Clare) 0-7

The sides were level on 0-6 apiece deep into injury time, when substitute Evan Talty landed a free from 35 yards to seal the win for the west Clare club. However, the outcome might have been very different had the Tralee outfit not had a goal disallowed moments earlier. David Moran, who returned from Australia after an unsuccessful trial with St Kilda during the week, saw his free from 45 yards hold up in the wind before Rahillys’ top scorer, Declan Quill, punched the ball to the back of the net for what looked like the winning goal. However, referee Maurice Condon consulted with his umpires and adjudged that Quill was in the square when the free was struck and the goal was disallowed. That left the sides level at 0-6 apiece with two minutes of added time still to be played. It left just enough time for Talty to break the Kerry champions’ hearts with his superb long-range effort.

Rahillys were not helped by the sending off of centre-forward John O’Connor five minutes after the break for a second yellow card offence. O’Connor was lucky not to have seen red for an earlier incident which was brought to the referee’s attention by the umpire. Although it was a low-scoring game, those in attendance at the Gaelic Grounds were royally entertained. Much of the excitement – the unbelievable ending aside – came in the first quarter, when Rahillys opened up a 0-3 to 0-0 lead before Kilmurry-Ibrickane hit back to level after 17 minutes. Moran was amongst the early scorers from play for the men from Strand Road, while Quill was as accurate as ever from placed balls. However, a strong rally from Kilmurry-Ibrickane and a fine point by Stephen Maloney saw them level the game at 0-4 apiece at half-time. Fourteen minutes of the second half passed before the next score of the game, Quill knocking over another free for Rahillys. Following O’Connor’s sending off, Kilmurry-Ibrickane began to take control, with wing-back Shane Hickey landing a wind-assisted point from 50 yards, before midfielder Paul O’Connor fisted the ball over the bar to give them the lead. Quill, however, levelled the game again with minutes to go, before the Clare champions won the game in a dramatic finish that will live long in the memory.


Dramatic Kilmurry-Ibrickane win

Kilmurry-Ibrickane 0-7, Kerins O’Rahillys 0-6

By Jim O’Sullivan of the Irish Examiner newspaper

Monday, December 07, 2009

JUBILATION for West Clare side Kilmurry-Ibrickane after a second title success in yesterday’s AIB Munster Club SFC final at the Gaelic Grounds. But it was utter desolation for a Kerins O’Rahillys side denied what would have a winning goal by an umpire’s call in the 61st minute and then hit with the sucker punch of conceding a winning score immediately after the ball was kicked out. It was a cruel blow for the Kerry club champions, all the more so when Declan Quill was adamant that his ‘goal’ should have stood – pointing out that he was outside the square when he connected with a David Moran free. Putting up brave resistance after going a man down six minutes into the second-half, the manner of their defeat replicated what happened to them in last year’s county championship decider when they were beaten by an injury-time penalty.

Controversy aside, it was noteworthy that apart from a promising opening period and much improved play after having half-forward John O’Connor when receiving two yellow cards in a three-minute period, it was Kilmurry-Ibrickane who gave the more convincing display. Indeed, while unhappy with the free-count, O’Rahilly’s selector Mark Fitzgerald said that an interval wide count of nine lost them the chance of making a winning debut. Kilmurry made the more confident start and despite playing against a strong wind, created several scoring opportunities before John O’Connor kicked the game’s opening score from a fifth-minute free for O’Rahillys. David Moran (play) and Declan Quill (free) had added scores and for a while they looked like establishing a grip. However, while the returning David Moran (who was in Australia for the semi-final game) was deployed at full-forward, the supply of ball to him was limited. And, while he did manage a second score from play, his influence wasn’t what it might have been. However, in acknowledging that overall, their team play was not over-impressive and few individuals other than Barry John Keane at centre-forward were strong on the ball in the opening 20 minutes, it would have to be pointed out that the strength of the Kilmurry-Ibrickane challenge was a major factor.

Deploying a short-passing game and offering continuous support for the man in possession, they benefited from the consistency of a full-back trio which had excelled in their semi-final win over Stradbally. Additionally, Shane Hickey was heavily involved at wing-back and Peter O’Dwyer’s work-rate – and in particular his mobility – countered much of what the O’Rahilly’s captain Micheal Quirke achieved against him. Further forward, they had more to offer than the opposition. Centre-forward Ian McInerney was fairly reliable from the few scoreable frees he faced up, while Odran O’Dwyer made a contribution in the full-forward line, where some of the best work was done by Michael O’Dwyer.

It was McInerney who opened their account in the ninth minute and Kilmurry were to score three more points without reply in the next 11 minutes. In contrast, O’Rahillys were being frustrated by an inability to even get close to maximising scoring opportunities, with brothers Morgan and Barry O’Shea effective at the heart of the defence, Giles O’Grady prominent after going from wing-back to half-forward and midfielder Gavin Duffy very much to the forefront. Keane wasn’t on the ball often enough to do real damage and the same applied to Declan Quill and Barry-John Walsh, in the face of excellent covering from the inside backs. Their poor finishing was reflected in the fact that they waited until injury time before Moran got their first score in 24 minutes to leave the teams tied at 0-4 each.

It was much the same story over the course of the third quarter, which was mainly notable for the fact of O’Connor being sent off, first being carded following an off-the-ball incident and then disciplined after the referee seemed to indicate as a foot tackle. Interestingly, in between the two censures, he saw a fisted effort go wide off the upright and Quill, similarly, wasn’t on target with a close-in free. But, to their credit, they were in front – through a Quill free won by David Moran – only to see the excellent Shane Hickey level scores for the third time two minutes later. Again, Quill came to their rescue with another pointed free in the 56th minute, after wing-forward Stephen Moloney set up midfielder Paul O’Connor for a well deserved lead score. After a great Kilmurry move ended with Noel Downes kicking wide, it appeared that the game was heading for a draw until the drama of Quill’s disallowed goal for O’Rahillys – which quickly turned into a nightmare when substitute Evan Talty kicked over the winning point after a move involving McInerney and Downes.

Scorers for Kilmurry-Ibrickane: I. McInerney 0-3 (0-2 frees); S. Moloney, P. O’Connor, S. Hickey and E. Talty 0-1 each.

Kerins O’Rahillys: D. Quill 0-3 (0-2 frees); D. Moran 0-2; J. O’Connor 0-1.

KILMURRY-IBRICKANE: D. O’Brien; M. McMahon, M. Killeen, D. Hickey; S. Hickey, E. Coughlan (capt,), D. Callinan; P. O’Connor, P. O’Dwyer; M. Hogan, I. McInerney, S. Moloney; J. Daly, O. O’Dwyer, M. O’Dwyer.

Subs: E. Talty for Hogan (41st minute); N. Downes for O. O’Dwyer (48th); P. O’Dwyer for Moloney (54th); M. McCarthy for Daly (60th).

KERINS O’RAHILLY’S: D. Hennessy; P. Begley, M. O’Shea, B. O’Shea; G. O’Grady, B. Moran, R. O’Callaghan; G. Duffy, M. Quirke (capt.); J. O’Connor, B.J. Keane, T. O’Sullivan; B.J. Walsh, D. Moran; D. Quill.

Referee: Maurice Condon (Waterford).

Attendance: 2,412


Talty keeps head after ‘goal’ storm

Monday December 07 2009

It’s best to deal with the manner in which this Munster club football final was lost before accounting for how it was won. One minute into injury-time, 14-man Kerins O’Rahillys, facing into a strengthening gale that blew hard down through Limerick’s Gaelic Grounds, won a free about 30 metres out which David Moran, just back from Australia, elected to take. That in itself was a surprise as his striking all afternoon hadn’t been crisp and Declan Quill had already landed three points from frees. Still, it was a kick that favoured a right-footer and Moran stood up to it knowing that a point would probably win his club their first ever provincial title. The kick hung in the wind, however, and hovered above the square, almost coming to a standstill in mid-air before dropping vertically for Quill to get a fist to it and punch a goal, almost out of nothing.

A quick exchange of glances between referee Maurice Condon and both his umpires soon pinpricked the celebrations as Quill was adjudged to have been in the square when the ball flew into Kilmurry/Ibrickane ‘airspace’. In this opinion, at first glance, it looked like a goal though perhaps the replay will reveal otherwise. Naturally, the Kerins O’Rahillys players were livid, a feeling only compounded some seconds later when Kilmurry substitute Evan Talty nonchalantly kicked the winner from which there was certainly no comeback. Ignoring a possible foul on Barry John Keane at the other end, Condon then brought the match to an immediate conclusion, sparking more fury from the Kerry club champions.

At least two officials and the same number of supporters confronted Condon as he made his way off the field and if it wasn’t for the vigilance and protective instincts of Micheal Quirke who escorted the Waterford official, in the presence of local stewards, off the field the situation could have turned nasty. Quirke was on the wrong side of the decision but he had the presence of mind and leadership to do what he did and avert further conflict, something he should be commended for. For Quill, the anger couldn’t be contained and he was certain the score should have stood as he recounted his footwork in the build-up. “It was a goal, straight and simple. I waited outside the square. I thought the ball was going over the bar then when I saw it hanging up short, I went for it. And then I was inside the square,” he reflected. Ironically, the decision came just 24 hours after the GAA announced that experimental playing rules will be used during the forthcoming leagues, one of which is thought to be a modification of the square -ball rule.

Kerins O’Rahillys will despair at the turn of events. Almost 12 months ago, they lost the Kerry championship final replay to a last-minute Mid Kerry penalty when they led by two points. Now the dose was being doubled. As much as they will lay the blame at the officials’ door, they should make themselves more accountable for their failure to have any impact when the wind favoured them in the first half.

Kilmurry/Ibrickane had managed to stay in touch and keep parity, 0-4 each, as they turned to take advantage of the wind that blew out towards the city end. That rearguard action was critical to the Atlantic seaboard club’s success. “We lost it in the first half,” acknowledged the Tralee side’s captain Quirke afterwards. “We played heroically down to 14 men in that second half against an experienced, battle-hardened team. We kicked too many wides (nine in that first half) and that’s the bottom line.” He was philosophical about the defeat and was willing to be optimistic even minutes after the final whistle. “They are a seriously experienced side at this level and we are not. We’re a young side at this level. We just came up short. That’s life, that’s the way it goes. “It’s the second kick in the stomach we’re after taking as a team,” reflected the midfielder.  “I was away during the week and I was reading Ronan O’Gara’s autobiography and he talks about losing Heineken Cup finals. They lost two and came back to win two. So who knows maybe we can do something next year.”

Kilmurry were as battle-hardened as their opponents suggested and once again their defence was magnificent, superbly marshalled by captain and centre-back Enda Coughlan. In three Munster club championship games, they have conceded just 17 points, a serious reflection of how they defend. It looked grim for them early on when they trailed by three points inside eight minutes, a significant lead in such testing conditions. One of those trio of points was scored by Moran who started at full-forward but gradually made his way out to provide plenty of energy around midfield for the Strand Road outfit. Kilmurry hung in however and midway through the half they were level as Coughlan and Declan Callinan made the opening for Stephen Moloney to score the equalising point (0-3 each). They had the temerity to then take the lead through a Johnny Daly free as O’Rahillys repeatedly got turned over in possession and only a well-worked Moran point from a quick Quill free spared them some blushes as half-time approached.

The second half was robust, manly and, most of the time, honest. The Tralee side lost John O’Connor to two yellow cards in quick succession on 36 minutes but it only served to strengthen their resolve. Kilmurry half-back Shane Hickey fired over a superb point on the three-quarter mark to level it again at 0-5 each after a Quill free had given the Kerry side a slim cushion. It looked to be heading for a draw, then a Kerins O’Rahillys win but Kilmurry manager Michael McDermott sensed fate was at play after their defeat in last year’s final to Dromcollogher-Broadford. “It took us 12 months to get back here and we knew we would be in a battle. But we knew we had to put them under pressure out the field to stop the quality ball going in,” figured McDermott. Getting breaks like that disallowed goal was as much as they deserved. “Last year we came here to a Munster final and the breaks didn’t go for us all. When your day is in, it’s in. I always say fate plays a huge part in everything. It’s a wonderful achievement for a west Clare club to win two titles in a decade.” No one could disagree with that.

Scorers — Kilmurry/Ibrickane: I McInerney 0-2 (0-2f), P O’Connor, S Hickey, J Daly, E Talty, S Moloney all 0-1 each. Kerins O’Rahillys: D Quill 0-3( 0-3f), D Moran 0-2, J O’Connor 0-1 (0-1f).

Kilmurry/Ibrickane — D O’Brien; D Hickey, M Killeen, M McMahon; S Hickey, E Coughlan, D Callinan; P O’Connor, P O’Dwyer; M Hogan, I McInerney, S Moloney; M O’Dwyer, O O’Dwyer, J Daly. Subs: E Talty for Hogan (41), N Downes for O O’Dwyer (48), P O’Dwyer for Moloney (54), M McCarthy for Daly (60),

Kerins O’Rahillys — D Hennessy; P Begley, M O’Shea, B O’Shea; G O’Grady, B Moran, R O’Callaghan; G Duffy, M Quirke; J O’Connor, B J Keane, T O’Sullivan; B J Walsh, D Moran, D Quill.

Ref — M Condon (Waterford)

Match Preview

Ostensibly, this is a David versus Goliath clash, but scratch the surface a little and the outcome of this encounter may not be as straightforward as many are predicting. Clare kingpins Kilmurry-Ibrickane have won the Munster title as recently as 2004, while Kerins O’Rahilly have never appeared in a provincial final before, despite the abundance of talent at the Strand Road club. Rahillys claimed their first county title since 2002 this year, before disposing of Clanakilty (Cork) and Moyle Rovers (Tipperary) in the previous rounds.

All the talk this week has been of the unexpected return of David Moran from an unsuccessful trial at AFL outfit St Kilda. The midfielder is expected to slot straight back into the side. His return led to a collective sigh of relief at the club this week. “It’s a huge boost,’’ said Rahillys trainer and selector Mark Fitzgerald. “All along, David has been an integral part of the team. We were obviously sad to lose him, but at the same time we wished him the best in his new venture. Whatever happened, happened. We are absolutely delighted to have him back.’’ Tommy Walsh, the star of the Kingdom’s All-Ireland campaign this year, will be a big loss as he pursues a professional career in the oval ball code. Walsh and Moran both played against Clonakilty, but they were sorely missed in the stuttering semi-final win over Moyle. “Tommy was the focal point in the attack in the Clonakilty game. The strategy was to try and get the ball into him as quickly as we could. While we have David back, we’re still undecided as to what way we are going to go with the team,’’ Fitzgerald added in an interview with the Irish Examiner.

Moran’s older brother, Brian, remains a doubtful starter with an injury, while there are also concerns over Giles O’Grady, with the management likely to delay the team selection until Sunday morning to give the pair every chance of starting. Declan Quill, Rahillys’ top scorer with 1-6 in the competition, is due back from his honeymoon today (Friday) and is expected to once again share the scoring burden with Barry John Walsh. While Kilmurry-Ibrickane may not have any star players off chasing dreams Down Under, they have slipped quietly and into the final. They were particularly impressive in beating Dromcollogher-Broadford (Limerick) 0-11 to 0-5, gaining sweet revenge for their agonising loss in the 2008 Munster final. The experience gained in that defeat should be of great benefit to the Banner flag bearers going into this game and they certainly will not be intimidated by the Kerry champions. It is their fourth final appearance in total and with classy operators like Odran O’Dwyer in their attack, they will be expecting to book a place in next year’s All-Ireland semi-finals.

Paths to the final

Kerins O’Rahillys 1-11 Clonakilty (Cork) 0-10

Kerins O’Rahillys 1-8 Moyle Rovers (Tipperary) 0-9

Kilmurry-Ibrickane 0-11 Dromcollogher-Broadford (Limerick) 0-5

Kilmurry-Ibrickane 0-9 Stradbally (Waterford) 0-6

All Ireland Senior Club Camogie Final – Cashel v Athenry

Cashel defeated Athenry by 0-11 to 0-9 in the All Ireland Senior Club Camogie Final on Sunday in Clarecastle Co. Clare.

Match Report

CASHEL had to call upon all their experience to see off the challenge of Athenry, and claim their second All Ireland senior club championship title in horrendous weather at Clarecastle (0-11 to 0-9). Although the foot conditions were top class at the impressive Clare venue, the driving wind and rain proved to be a constant challenge.

It was Cashel’s ability to keep the scoreboard ticking over during a first half when Athenry captain Therese Maher had opted to play with the gale that was the main difference. Claire Grogan’s seven points overall (four from play) were contributory too, but when it came down to it, the Tipperary side had too much talent for the westerns who were far too reliant on skipper Maher to keep them in the hunt.

As well, Cashel captain and full back Una O’Dwyer proved unbeatable, as did their entire half back trio of Paula Bulfin, Philly Fogarty and Julie McGrath. And when they turned over just one point behind, 0-5 to 0-6, it was going to take an enormous effort from the Maroon girls to remain in the game, but credit to them they fought to the bitter end.

Athenry were in front 0-3 to 0-2 after 15 minutes, and had they capitalised on two goal opportunities it would have been a different story for the underdogs. A pair of points coming up to the break from free-taker Laura Linnane and Noreen Coen left them double scores ahead, but a strong finish from Cashel yielded flags from Grogan and Alison Lonergan.

The second half was a dogfight with the weather deteriorating further. Approaching the last quarter Cashel edged 0-9 to 0-7 to the good, but the introduction of the injured Jessica Gill for Athenry egged them on. She came close with a goal shot, and despite Athenry’s grit, Cashel held out with two Grogan points closing out the score.

Cashel (Tipperary) 0-11 (C Grogan 0-7 (3f), M Morrissey 0-2, A Lonergan, E Hayden 0-1each);
Athenry (Galway) 0-9 (L Linnane 0-4 (2f, 1 45), B Kerins, T Maher, N Coen, K O’Dwyer, J Gill (f) 0-1 each.

Match Preview

Athenry and Cashel travel to Clarecastle to decide the destiny of this year’s All Ireland senior club final after the disappointment of last weekend in Newbridge when the fixture was cancelled due to a waterlogged pitch. The overriding desire now is that the weather be kinder this time, thus allowing two of the best clubs in the country battle for the Bill Carroll Trophy.

Rivals from 2007 when Cashel won the title for the first and only time, Athenry will vie for All Ireland glory they last claimed over 30 years ago. Therese Maher and Regina Glynn are their big names, but expect huge games from Sarah Donohue and Laura Linnane around the middle. Noreen Coen, Brenda Kerins and Katie O’Dywer will provide the power in attack.

The Tipp side is sprinkled with inter-county stars all over. A quick glance shows Una O’Dwyer, Paula Bulfin, Philly Fogarty, Julie McGrath, Jill Horan, Claire Grogan and Emily Hayden – just a few of the players who have donned the Blue and Gold with distinction. Should all of that class come to the fore, Cashel will be hard to beat.

Verdict: Cashel

All-Ireland Junior Club Camogie Final – St. Anne’s, Dunhill (Waterford) v Lavey (Derry)

St. Anne’s, Dunhill (Waterford) drew with Lavey (Derry) after extra time in the All-Ireland Junior Club Camogie Final on Sunday in Donaghmore Ashbourne, Co. Meath on a scoreline of 1-11 to 1-11.

Match Report

St Anne’s Dunhill and Lavey must meet again to determine the destination of the All Ireland junior club title. After extra-time in a pulsating final in Donaghmore Ashbourne the scoreboard remained deadlocked 1-11 apiece. An announcement will be made today regarding the replay.

St Anne’s did all the running with the wind in the first half and courtesy of a kicked goal from Jenny Simpson led 1-6 to 0-2 at the changeover. It was Lavey’s turn in the second 30 minutes with captain Mary O’Kane netting for the Derry champions. It was nip and tuck with St Anne’s top scorer Karen Kelly shooting the equaliser on full time.

After the first period of extra time, wind assisted St Anne’s moved 1-11 to 1-8 ahead, but three points from Lavey coming down the home straight ensured the teams will have to do it all over again.

Lavey (Derry) 1-11 (M O’Kane 1-3, A McPeake 0-5 (3f), P McCloy, C Cushnahan, D McShane 0-1 each);

St.Anne’s, Dunhill (Waterford) 1-11 (K Kelly 0-6 (3f), J Simpson 1-2, N Rockett 0-3).

Match Preview

It is back to Ashbourne for these teams after the Meath grounds were unplayable last Sunday. Whoever produces the winning performance here will be a new name on the Phil McBride Cup. Neither Lavey nor St Anne’s have tasted All Ireland success. Both teams, however, will feel they have earned the right to the title.

Lavey will be hoping to put the disappointment of last year behind them when they lost to eventual champions The Harps in the semi-final, and captain Siobhan Convery admitted the pain of that defeat drove them on in their comprehensive victory over Four Roads of Roscommon at the penultimate stage a few week ago.

St Anne’s took their own big scalp in The Harps. Last Sunday trainer Michael Kearney was faced with a dilemma as he was involved with the Ballygunner hurling squad, so he will be glad of the reprieve. St Anne’s top attacker Karen Kelly was also a valued member of the Desie team that lost out in the All Ireland junior final to Offaly.

This will be a close fought encounter, which could go down to the wire.

Verdict: St Anne’s

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