Munster Provincial Council Minute Books

In January 2011 Cúige Mumhan transferred the Munster Council minute books, 1928-1981, to the GAA Museum in Croke Park, as part of the Museum’s national drive to collect and preserve the archives of the entire Association.

These books, fifteen volumes in total, contain the minutes of Munster Council meetings and the Munster Provincial Conventions. The books have been catalogued by the GAA Museum’s Archivist and are now accessible to researchers visiting the GAA Museum.

The Munster Council minute books are a prized collection in the Museum, sitting alongside the minute books of the Central Council / Annual Congress (1899-1981), Leinster Provincial Council (1915-1981), Connacht Provincial Council (1935-1981) and Provincial Council of Britain (1952-1981).

The Museum is currently actively collecting the records of the Association at County Board level, in particular County Board minute books, annual reports, financial ledgers etc-for more information please contact the GAA Museum Archivist at (01) 8192350 or email

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