Munster Poc Fada Final

Stevie Brenner of De La Salle, Waterford retained his Provincial Poc Fada Championship title while Andrew Fahey of Whitegate in County Clare finished in second place on Saturday July 13th at the Galtee Mountains Tipperary.

Martina McMahon of Limerick was the winner in the Camogie final and Adam O’Brien of Ahane in Co. Limerick coveted the Under 16 Hurling title.

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1st Stevie Brenner De La Salle Waterford 26

2nd Andrew Fahey Whitegate Clare 28

3rd John Chawke Kildimo/Pallaskennry Limerick 28

4th Darren Cuddihy Toomevara Tipperary 29

5th Seamus Coffey UCC Cork 29

6th Jason Leahy Causeway Kerry 31


1st Adam O’Brien Ahane Limerick 19

2nd Padraig McNamara Kilmaley Clare 20

3rd Declan Dalton Fr O’Neills Cork 20

4th Eoin Kiely Abbeyside Waterford 20

5th Brandon Barrett Causeway Kerry 20

6th Shane Stapleton Sean Treacys Tipperary 20



in The Glen of Aherlow

on Saturday 13th July from 11:00am to 1:30pm

Sponsored by Martin Donnelly

The Munster Poc Fada will take place this year on Saturday 13th of July across the Galtee Mountains in the Glen of Aherlow. In line with a directive from the National Poc Fada Committee the Munster Competition will be held across a Mountain Range and will be run somewhat similar to the National Finals in the Cooley Mountains.

The starting times for the competitions are 11.00am for the Under 16 with the Senior starting at 11.30am and the expected finish time is 1:30pm

We would suggest that everyone comes properly prepared with boots (football or mountain, thick socks and rain gear).

Directions: Head for Tipperary Town. On arrival take the R664 to Lisvernane, which is a journey of 8 miles. This road is out by Sean Treacy Park and follow the signs from there.

Come along to the beautiful Glen to follow your county representatives.


Limerick John Chawke Kildimo/Pallaskennry

Kerry Jason Leahy Causeway

Clare Andrew Fahey Whitegate

Cork Declan Dalton Fr O’Neill’s

Tipperary Darren Cuddihy Toomevara

Waterford Stephen Brenner De La Salle


Limerick Adam O’Brien Ahane

Kerry Brandon Barrett Causeway

Clare Padraig McNamara Kilmaley

Cork Seamus Coffey U.C.C

Tipperary Shane Stapleton Sean Treacys

Waterford Eoin Kiely Abbeyside


Limerick Martina McMahon Croagh/Kilfinny

Kerry Patrice Diggin Causeway

Clare Jessica O’Neill Clooney/Quinn

Cork –

Tipperary Ciara Holohan Burgess/Duharra

Waterford Aisling O’Brien Lismore


1. Each contestant will be accompanied by a Referre (score keeper) and flag marker (appointed by the overall organiser Maor)

2. Referees will be provided with three sliotars each starting out. In the case of losing these the referee must request additional ones from the Maor

3. The Referee shall make an accurate record of The Hurler’s score, poc by poc. He must record each poc on the scorecard – immediately as it occurs. A poc is deemed to have been taken when the sliotar is struck by The Hurler in the contest irrespective of the direction it takes (The Sliotar).

4. The Referee shall see to it that The Hurler when taking the poc does not pass the score-flag or remove it before a poc is taken. Penalty: The Referee shall apply the following penalty if this rule is broken by The Hurler and do so from the beginning of the contest in the case of each and every such foul by The Hurler. Before the next poc immediately following such a foul The Referee shall bring back the score-flag by the exact same distance by which The Hurler has passed the flag while taking the previous poc. The Feighlí Scoir shall apply this penalty strictly throughout.

5. The Hurler’s Choice of Position to Poc From: The Referee should not permit The Hurler to choose a position which is off the line of the course, any further away from the score-flag than the length of his Camán held out at arm’s length. This is a matter of discretion but must be applied if being abused.

6. The Referee shall ensure that there are no undue delays caused by his Hurler, members of his Meitheal or others. A reasonable time may be spent searching for a lost Sliothar. The Referee may afford facilities for other Hurlers in the contest to pass.

7. The Referee shall indicate to The Hurler when a poc may be taken.

8. The Referee shall check that The Hurler’s follow the course as follows:

From the starting point the senior route will head approximately south-west towards Loc Curra, aiming to pass the baseline between two trees that will be indicated. After passing through the trees the course will then turn approximately north-west towards a hilly knoll. The sliothars will have to pass to the left (West) of the pole on top of this knoll and the course then turns due north approximately, downhill to the finish.The U16 & Ladies Courses, which are identical commence where the trees are on the senior course and then follow the same course as set out above for the senior participant, also passing to the left (West) of the pole on top of the knoll.