Club Manual

The GAA Club manual is a resource to help club officers with general administration in the club. It provides advice and ideas on all aspects of club activity and is the re-edited, updated version of the 2003 manual. The manual is only available online and will be updated as required. In certain sections, the chapters contain case studies of various initiatives that clubs around the country have undertaken. These case studies will be built on over time.

Topics covered in the GAA Club Manual include:

1. Club Officer Roles

2. Club Activity Checklist

3. Enforcement of Rules and Arbitration

4. Games Development

5. Communication in the Club

6. Club Committee Structure

7. Finance and Fundraising

8. Club Property

9. Membership and Registration

10. GAA Club Planning

11. Club Meetings (Executive Meetings and AGM)

12. GAA Insurance and Player Injury Scheme

13. I.T. in the Club

14. Club Property

15. Inclusion in the GAA

16. Attracting and Retaining Volunteers – Volunteer Toolkit

To Access this manual, click on the following link