Coaching Planner

This page is designed to help you plan a hurling or football coaching session. It is intended for use by Award 1 and Foundation Award Coaches.

Open a game/drill page and copy and paste the games or drills that you want to us into a Session Planner Form. Use 1 or more session planner forms for your session. You can save your forms on your own computer and print them as an aid in your coaching session


Kick Pass Session Planner Form


Warm-Up Games

Quick Warm-up games for Children I

Quick Warm-up games for Children II

Hurling Games and Drills

Dribble                                    Ground Strike                          Batting

Chest Catch                           Roll Lift                                      Hook

Overhead Catch                    Solo                                           Jab Lift

Strike from the Hands         Handpass                                Frontal Block

Controlling Moving Ball       Stopping a ground ball         Shoulder Clash

Frontal Ground Block          Overhead Block                      Ground Flick

Overhead Striking                Doubling Back

Football Games and Drills

Kick Pass                                Handpass                                Near Hand Tackle 

Body Catch                              Solo                                           Block

Lift                                             Bounce                                      Low Catch

Side Step                                 Side to side charge                Fist pass

The Roll                                   Feint and side step                  High Catch